Full title: European economic integration of the Republic of Moldova through EU shared values: education-research-innovation


Reference Number: 610666-EPP-1-2019-1-MDEPPJMO-PROJECT

Project Start: 20 October 2019

Duration: 24 Months

Beneficiary Moldova State University (MSU)

The EUSHARE project mainly concerns information activities and dissemination of knowledge regarding the European Union and its processes in the field of education-research-innovation.

Project objectives:
1. To boost the knowledge and increase the level of familiarisation in the areas related to the triangle of knowledge with the main focus on EU policies in the field of education-research-innovation;
2. To project the opportunities, achievements and obstacles of the European Integration processes of Moldova within European Neighbourhood Policy;
3. To promote dialogue on integration of Moldova through education-research-innovation;
4. To improve the involvement, raise awareness and inform the wider public on the possibilities offered by EU instruments in the field of education-research-innovation via EU programmes (ERASMUS+, HORIZON2020);
5. To integrate students who are not automatically come into contact with EU integration studies and to increase their understanding of the integration process of Moldova into EU;
6. To increase knowledge on the progress achieved by Moldova within European Higher Education Area and European Research Area after signing the Association Agreement EU-MD;
7. To foster cooperation between academic world, policy makers, civil society and youth regarding the EU policies with the main focus on Smart Specialisation that touch on the education-research-innovation;
8. To support the professional development of young researchers and professors ready to integrate good practices and new EU subjects into didactic programmes and initiatives that activate in Moldova State University;
9. To emphasise the EU dimension beyond the stakeholders directly and indirectly involved.

Site: www.eushare-project.eu

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