Foreign citizens can participate in the competition for admission to

  • fee-based degree programs;
  • places funded from the state budgetfor foreigners enrolled in studies in accordance with international agreements in the field of education to which the Republic of Moldova is a party (the Regulation regarding the studies of foreigners in educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova).

Foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in the Republic of Moldova can participate in the competition for admission to public higher educationinstitutions under the conditions provided for the citizens of Moldova, within the framework of  the plan of admission to places funded from the state budget, approved by the Government and taking into account the institution’s capacity.


All the degree programs at Moldova State University are offered in Romanian, the majority of them in Russian and some of the programs could be offered in English as well. The applicant should have at least the level of knowledge B1/B2 according to CEFR.

If the applicant does not speak one of these languages, then he/she is advised to take Romanian or Russian language 8-months-long courses (preparatory year).


The Department of International Relations is in charge of admission procedure for international candidates who want to apply for Bachelor, Master of PhD degree at Moldova State University. To learn more about study programs please vizt Study Programs compartment of the site.


Moldova State University

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Coordinator Incoming Students:

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