List of the documents need to have when the student arrives at university

  1. International passport, with a validity term of at least one year;
  2. Residence permit in the country of residence (if you have one);
  3. Copy of the marriage certificate (if in possession of it) with the legalized translation, in a language of international circulation;
  4. Certified copy and translation of the birth certificate, if not in a language of international circulation;
  5. Copy of the Certificate of graduation of the training courses for foreigners (as the case may be);
  6. Study documents: the original copy with the legalized translation of the baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent and of the diploma supplement (legalized translation in Romanian or in a language of international circulation). The study documents (diploma and supplement) will be apostille / superlegalized in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force of the issuing state and of the Republic of Moldova (for countries – members of the Hague Convention – apostille, for other countries – initials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) respectively, subsequently with the superlegalization at the General Consular Directorate of the Republic of Moldova The original study documents are presented at University and kept until the graduation;

7.The original, valid criminal record from the country of origin, legalized / apostille (in the established manner), translated into the state language and notarized, except for minors up to 16 years of age;

  1. Registration form;
  2. Declaration on one’s own responsibility regarding the veracity of the documents presented;
  3. Foreign student survey;
  4. Color photo: 3×4 and 4×5 – 4 pieces each;
  5. Receipt of payment of admission fee/registration fee

The documents will be translated into Romanian, Russian or English.

Tuition fee for Romanian/Russian course is 1000 Euro.

Admission fee -50 euro

Invitation Letter 5 euro

Medical insurance – 650 euro

University hostel- about 50 euro per month

At the arrival the student must have around 2400 euro, to be able to open an account in one of Moldova bank

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