Internationalization Strategy (extras)

Institutional internationalization is one of the strategic objectives of the Moldova State University, which includes the following:

STRATEGIC DIRECTION. Enhance and increase the quality of international university cooperation.


  • Active participation in international university cooperation programs and projects, in consortia for European funded research projects;
  • Participation in university cooperation networks at European and global level;
  • Intensification of activities within the consortium of universities in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine;
  • Partnerships with prestigious higher education and research institutions from abroad;
  • Encouraging the cooperation of MSU’ s academics with partners from abroad;
  • Attracting at MSU visiting professors / researchers from prestigious universities and research centers from abroad;
  • Significant increase in the number of scientific publications in collaboration with partners from abroad;
  • Active participation in international academic mobility projects – Erasmus +, AUF, DAAD, CEEPUS, etc.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION. Increasing the degree of internationalization of academic activities


  • Encouraging and supporting international mobility of students, academic and administrative staff; 
  • Initiation and support of study programs carried out in foreign languages, especially in English; 
  • Attracting an increased number of international students by participating in various international events and through sustained dissemination of the educational offer in the partner network; 
  • Development and extension of double degree and co-tutored study programs;
  • Development of the language skills (priority for English) of the academic, administrative and student staff
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